Why work with Chellis Insurance?

Gayle Chellis Grim has come a long way from her insurance beginnings in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1987. When she started out as a Prime Agent for Aetna, admittedly with more enthusiasm for than knowledge of insurance, she now has three decades of experience in the insurance industry. She has been privileged to be the independent insurance agent that families have depended on for decades– including one family that she has insured for four generations.

Chellis Insurance now serves customers in Utah, Idaho, and Vermont and is pleased to be a part of the independent wing of the insurance industry representing top tier insurance companies that are trusted to provide the best combination of service and price. 

Independent agents can offer a more varied choice of products and companies because they're not tied to one company. Unlike agents employed by just one company, independent insurance agents and brokers like Chellis Insurance Inc., represent more than one insurance company, so they can offer clients a wider choice of auto, home, business, and life insurance products.


Gayle Chellis Grim
Member of the Independent Insurance Brokers of America


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