Valuable Items Insurance

If you own a home or are renting, then certain things such as furs, jewelry, silver, gun or coin collections or antiques, can be covered on your homeowners insurance policy to protect against damage or theft.  It is important to know that your home contents coverage only protects you up to a limit. If your valuables cost more than the limit to replace, you may not be reimbursed enough to replace them. Be sure read your home insurance policy  thoroughly for any valuable item insurance limits that apply. Some common dollar limits for valuable items are:

  •     Jewelry and furs - $2,500
  •     Silverware and money - $250
  •     Guns-$2,500
  •     Coins, stamps, passports, bank notes, tickets- $1,000

Don't wait until you suffer a loss to find out that your possessions are not fully covered. Some of the things that a valuable items rider or separate policy can cover are:

  •     Artwork
  •     Jewelry - in the vault and out
  •     Silverware
  •     Stamp and Coin Collections
  •     Musical Instruments
  •     Cameras and Phones
  •     Golfer's Equipment
  •     Guns
  •     Limited Editions (with and without breakage): limited edition dolls, rare books, etc
  •     Hobby Collections: memorabilia, souvenirs and collectible items such as trading cards and comic books

** Items worth more than $5000 individually may require a recent appraisal or purchase receipt.


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