Rental Dwelling Insurance

Owning a rental property can be a great but labor intensive investment. You want to protect that investment with an insurance policy that offers you a variety of coverage options.  Does your current policy include coverage for wrongful eviction or loss of rents due to a fire? Would you accept a higher deductible for a lower premium?


Landlord liability insurance can protect you against personal injury, wrongful eviction, wrongful entry or other non-bodily injury claims like libel and slander.


Your Landlord Protection policy may cover up to a 4-plex dwelling with replacement cost valuation that is up to 100 +/- years old.  Also, if you have a covered loss, coverage is also available for loss of rents while the property is being repaired.

A dwelling that is rented out to others should be insured on a Landlord Protection policy, which also may be referred to as a Dwelling Fire policy.  A rental property should not be insured on a regular homeowners policy which are designed for owner/occupants.

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